Tuesday, April 27, 2010

God Help your Fellowmate

I know the title is little bit wierd but when i watch Cricket, I just feel Sachin is GOD of Cricket. His performance in IPL3 and this year has been outstanding. To play with such enthusiasm for 20 years now is unbelievable but when GOD of Cricket is in Picture everything is possible.

With the start of IPL3 everyone was doubtful of Mumbai Indians making to the finals as Mumbai Indians havent been able to reach SemiFinals in the past 2 years and with the start Kolkatta had in IPL3 this year,no one expected MI to reach finals. But God of Cricket inspired the whole team with the Sheer Brilliance and passion which he brings to the game of Cricket and even with a injured hand played the final and even contributed nicely with bat.

But then i still feel how can a player with such calibre and such enthusiasm can loose such a important final? It has been with Sachin at 2-3 occasions prior to this IPL3 finals that due to bad luck or lack of support he couldnt win the match for his team.So i just pray that his dream to win the World Cup for INDIA gets fulfilled in 2011 and God's last unfulfilled gets fulfilled.

So the title-- God Help your Fellowmate