Thursday, November 20, 2008

present time

hi All

i just want to write down what i am feeling at the present moment and whats going in my Head from past some days now..

I am the normal IT guy who is not very satisfied by his current profile or work and who wrote CAT this year again and didnt succeeded in it [:(]
Anyways the questions which are arising in my head are very negative and i know i should not think negative at such a stage but i guess i am not able to come out of it and thats why i am writing my thoughts

Am i capable or deserving enough of doing my Post graduation from a decent College or i should completely focus on my work?
What are the other options if i am not liking the work which is assigned to me or my technology or profile?
Is it possible to be technically very sound and be at good at the Competitive exams?
Should i focus on changing my stream all together and take a risk as all this time i am following a particular stereotype path which every one follows
or last i am thinking too much on Career and other things and inspite i should focus my energy on just Hard Work and rest everything will fall in place..

There are some similar questions in my mind and i know i should not think about think about all such things and rather be positive and hope for the best
But i guess its being a bit difficult for me as of now
Anyways i do hope that i would come out of it ASAP and start studying again to the best of my strengths and do good in other exams

Waiting for some responses

Enjoy and take care!!!

Vivek Hingorani

Saturday, May 31, 2008


Hi Everyone..
Just want you to answer a simple question :- Why do most people you meet these days in your life are just concerned about themselves rather then thinking about the other person who is a friend of urs or is in a relationship with u??

Why is that when u r lonely or sad , you dont have anyone with you even when u have told the other person about ur condition ..

I know people reading this( if anyone reads it) will find me pretty orthodox and a emotional person but to be frank thats the way i am and i am pretty much concerned about my friends and to people who i think I can help in some way or the other.

so if anyone by mistake read my first blog do comment and i am sure i ll write some good things too

Monday, May 12, 2008

My First Accident

hi all

My first accident of my Life was a very serious one indeed. my right hand had two fractures and i was on rest for two months so that was the time i started blogging but couldnot continue much as i was with my family for a month and enjoyed every moment of being with them after such a long time
that time spent with them was so much fun i cant decribe in my words

so what i mean to say is" always see the brighter side of life and be + ve as GOD has always thought something good for u " dont be afraids of failures and accidents in your life they also teach u a lot of things about life..

so enjoy life to the maximum and try to help as many people as u can..