Saturday, May 31, 2008


Hi Everyone..
Just want you to answer a simple question :- Why do most people you meet these days in your life are just concerned about themselves rather then thinking about the other person who is a friend of urs or is in a relationship with u??

Why is that when u r lonely or sad , you dont have anyone with you even when u have told the other person about ur condition ..

I know people reading this( if anyone reads it) will find me pretty orthodox and a emotional person but to be frank thats the way i am and i am pretty much concerned about my friends and to people who i think I can help in some way or the other.

so if anyone by mistake read my first blog do comment and i am sure i ll write some good things too


Hitesh said...

Whatever Vicky is telling, he is absolutely right. Now a days no body care about other feeling even though he/she had become your's best friend. But now scenario has taken big U turn.

No need to look around in to other, We are trying to make our- selves fool by just ignoring our some responsibilities for which we have been sent here.

More & More i want to write but later on.

Vivek Hingorani said...

thanks 4 d comment bro
Keep posting here as i ll keep writing in my free time
lets c how well it goes
Do write more whenever u have time as u also write GOOD bro