Monday, May 12, 2008

My First Accident

hi all

My first accident of my Life was a very serious one indeed. my right hand had two fractures and i was on rest for two months so that was the time i started blogging but couldnot continue much as i was with my family for a month and enjoyed every moment of being with them after such a long time
that time spent with them was so much fun i cant decribe in my words

so what i mean to say is" always see the brighter side of life and be + ve as GOD has always thought something good for u " dont be afraids of failures and accidents in your life they also teach u a lot of things about life..

so enjoy life to the maximum and try to help as many people as u can..


Mayank said...

well dude
its good that u r trying to come up.
Its good that the bad incident left u with some fond memories of staying with ur family.
Hope this Darker phase turns out to be a new Morning of ur life.....

vicky said...

bhai r u suggesting us that whenever we wanna take a break from wrk n stress, we can hv a accident n hv fun ????

chill i ws just kiddin...
u r pretty right we should absorb all possible +ve's from any given condition/situation. n this surely boosts ur confidence to move ahead n win the fight.